Neurological Injuries in Agriculture

Nikita B. Katz, Olga Katz, and Steven Mandel

Key words: emergent care, management, neuropathies, low back pain

Neurological conditions and diseases have a unique position in agriculture. From acute trauma to insidious neuropathies, from assessment of fitness to operate machinery to issues in rehabilitation, it is the neurological examination, specialized studies, diagnosis, and management that in many cases determines the future quality of life, disability, and survival of the patient.

This chapter concentrates on selected issues that are directly relevant to a practicing physician from the standpoint of pathogenesis, evaluation, and diagnosis. A more general review will be given of treatment modalities as they often are fine-tuned based on the unique condition of the patient both before and after the development of a neurological condition, as well as on availability of services and unpredictable rates of response that may be observed even with mainstay medications.

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