A flu-like systemic infection caused by Chlamydia psittaci. Most cases of psittacosis result from inhaling infectious material from diseased birds. Infection can also result from contact with infected birth fluids and membranes of goats and sheep. Although human infection is rare, infections in pregnant women have been reported after exposure to birth fluids of otherwise healthy-appearing infected sheep and goats or through contact with birds. The majority of these cases resulted in fetal death due to spontaneous abortion or premature delivery (55-56).

Maternal infection can be severe, but full recovery usually occurs once the infant is delivered, although maternal death has been reported. Favorable outcomes can be achieved with prompt diagnosis and treatment, including emergency delivery of the infant when appropriate. Neonates are not always infected. Prevention includes avoidance of contact with membranes or birth fluids of sheep and goats or contact with birds during pregnancy. Strict personal hygiene should be practiced as the primary route of infection is oropha-ryngeal (56).

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