Pulmonary Mycotoxicosis

Mycotoxicosis is generally in the pulmonary form. In contrast with hyper-sensitivity pneumonitis, no lung sounds are associated with pulmonary myco-toxicosis but they are sometimes heard in organic dust toxic syndrome. Although several causes of organic dust toxic syndrome probably exist, the literature frequently suggests the syndrome to be the same as pulmonary mycotoxicosis. A review of 20 cases of apparent farmer's lung disease found 6 cases clearly to be farmer's lung and 14 more likely to have a myco-toxin origin. Not all organic dust toxic syndromes have been proven to be of mycotoxin etiology, but it is very difficult to prove this. Two of the farmers in a case series of 38 U.S. farmers with toxic pulmonary reactions had genera

Fusarium and Penicillium in culture of their lung biopsies. A. fumigatous and A. nidulans were cultured from bronchoalveolar lavage fluids in farmers handling moldy silage. The trend has been for increasing frequency of mycotox-icosis symptoms in the farming populations, and the cause has been suggested to be due to the much larger silos currently used in agriculture (20,21,22).

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