Aeroponic Culture Techniques

It is a soil-less plant culture system in which nutrient solutions are intermittently or continuously misted onto plant roots. This system allows efficient production of AM fungi, free of a physical substrate. The colonized root material can be sheared, resulting in inocula with very high propagule densities. Furthermore, large quantities of spores can be obtained from the culture system. Aeroponic culture has worked well for several species of Glomus. It typically takes 12-15 weeks to obtain an inoculum. There is a 3-week "inoculation phase," followed by 9 weeks of aeroponic culture for colonized roots or 12 weeks for spore formation. This also has many disadvantages, because the system is also open to other undesirable microbes, which may harbor and propagate along side. Also, the assembly is huge and requires a lot of space; and regular monitoring of the nutrient solution and its flow is required.

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