Biopesticide Potential Of Entomopathogenic Fungi

There are a number of methods for using entomopathogenic fungi against insect pests. Eilenberg et al. (2001) recognized four main strategies: (a) classical biological control, the intentional introduction of an exotic strain for long term, unmanaged control, (b) inoculative biocontrol, the intentional release of endemic strains for long-term unmanaged biocontrol of endemic pests, (c) inundative biological control,

Table 1 Biopesticides based on entomopathogenic fungi (Milner 2GGG; Reddy et al. 2GG1; Shah and Goettel 1999)

Species and product name



Main countries and reference

B. bassiana

AGO Biocontrol



BotaniGard and Mycotrol

Beauveria Schweizer

Dispel Ostrinil B. brongniartii AGO Biocontrol Beauveria 50 Engerlingspilz M. anisopliae Ago Biocontrol Metarhizium 50 BIO 1020 BioGreen BioCane Green guard

Green muscle Metarhizium Schweizer Taenure

L. giganteum

Laginex Nomuraea rileyi AGO Biocontrol Nomuraea 50 P. fumosoroseus AGO biocontrol Paecilomyces PFR-97 biological insecticide V. lecanii

Ago Biocontrol Verticillium 50 Mycotal


Coleoptera, Homoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera

Lepidopteran caterpillars Homoptera/Heteroptera, thrips, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera and Orthoptera Turf/grassland, fruit growing, viticulture and horticulture Podborers

Corn earworm O. nubalis

Coleoptera, Homoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera

Melolontha melolontha

Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Homoptera, Orthoptera Vine weevil

A. couloni (red-headed cockchafer) Greyback canegrubs Locust and grasshopper

Locusts and grasshoppers

Turf/grassland, fruit growing, viticulture and horticulture

Root weevils, grubs, ticks, immature thrips, white flies

All mosquito larvae Lepidoptera

Coleoptera, nematodes Whiteflies, aphids, thrips, spidermites

Homoptera, Diptera

Whiteflies, some activity against thrips


Ago Biocontrol

Biotech International

Emerald BioAgriculture (ex. Mycotech


Eric Schweizer Seeds Ltd.

Natural plant protection Ago Biocontrol Andermatt Biocontrol, AG Ago Biocontrol Bayer AG/

BioCare Technology Pty. Ltd. BioCare Pty. Ltd. Seed Grain and Biotechnology Australia Pty. Ltd.

Biological Control Products SA PTY Eric Schweizer Seeds Ltd.

Earth BioSciences Inc.

AgraQuest, Inc. Ago Biocontrol

Ago Biocontrol

Thermo Trilogy Corporation

Ago Biocontrol

Koppert Biological Systems B.V. Koppert Biological Systems B.V.


India USA


India France




Germany, USA Australia Australia Australia

South Africa Switzerland html

Colombia, USA Colombia


European Union, USA Colombia, USA

Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Denmark

Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Denmark the use of fungi to limit pests when control is achieved exclusively by the mass release of the organism, and (d) conservation biological control, modification of the environment to enhance fungal infection. Inundative biological control usually relies on the development of biopesticides based on pathogenic microbes, which is the most obvious application of biotechnology to entomopathogenic fungi.

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