Biphenyl (C6H5C6H5), found in coal tar, oil, and natural gas, is hydroxylated at various positions by C. elegans (Dodge et al. 1979). Several yeasts cometabolize biphenyl to 4-hydroxybiphenyl, which Debaryomyces vanrijiae, Rhodo-torula glutinis, and Y. lipolytica convert further to 4-phenyl-2-pyrone-6-carboxylic acid (Lange et al. 1998; Romero et al. 2001). The yeast Trichosporon mucoides cometabolizes biphenyl to 2-, 3-, and 4-hydroxybiphenyl, eight dihydroxy-lated biphenyls, three trihydroxylated biphenyls, and a quinone (Sietmann et al. 2000; Sietmann et al. 2001). It further transforms the di- and trihydroxylated biphenyls to eight different ring-cleavage products (Sietmann et al. 2001).

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