Preface Contributors


1 Biotechnological Approaches in Plant Protection: Achievements, New Initiatives, and Prospects

Sally Ann Leong

2 Chemical Identification of Fungi: Metabolite Profiling and Metabolomics

Kristian Fog Nielsen, J0rn Smedsgaard, Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen, Flemming Lund, Ulf Thrane, and Jens Christian Frisvad

3 Isozyme Analysis in Fungal Taxonomy, Genetics, and Population Biology

Stephen B. Goodwin

4 Molecular Methods for Identification of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Maren A. Klich and Edward J. Mullaney

5 The Application of Molecular Markers in the Epidemiology of Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Paul D. Bridge, Tanuja Singh, and Dilip K. Arora

6 Molecular Biology for Control of Mycotoxigenic Fungi

Robert L. Brown, Deepak Bhatnagar, Thomas E. Cleveland, and Zhi-Yuan Chen

7 Biotechnological Potential of Entomopathogenic Fungi

Travis R. Glare

8 Biotechnological Potential of Ergot Alkaloids

9 Fungi as Plant Growth Promoter and Disease Suppressor

M. Hyakumachi and M. Kubota

10 Challenges and Strategies for Development of Mycoherbicides

Susan M. Boyetchko and Gary Peng

11 Biofungicides

Beom Seok Kim and Byung Kook Hwang

12 Molecular Biology of Biocontrol Trichoderma

Christian P. Kubicek

13 The Biological Control Agent Trichoderma from Fundamentals to Applications

A. Herrera-Estrella and I. Chet

14 Biological Control of Fungal Diseases on Vegetable Crops with Fungi and Yeasts

Zamir K. Punja and Raj S. Utkhede

15 Control of Postharvest Diseases of Fruits Using Microbes

Wojciech J. Janisiewicz

16 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Plant Disease Control

Lisette J. C. Xavier and Susan M. Boyetchko

17 Commercialization of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer

Pragati Tiwari, Anil Prakash, and Alok Adholeya

18 Control of Nematodes by Fungi

Hans-Borje Jansson and Luiz V. Lopez-Llorca


19 Fungi in Food Technology: An Overview

George G. Khachatourians

20 Fungi and Fermented Food

21 Production of Edible Fungi

22 Mycoprotein and Related Microbial Protein Products

Juan Ignacio Castrillo and Unai Ugalde

23 Genetic Variability of Yeast in Wine Fermentation

Amparo Querol, M. Teresa Fernandez-Espinar, and Eladio Barrio

24 Yeast in the Dairy Industry

T. K. Hansen and M. Jakobsen

25 Flavors and Aromas

Renu Agrawal

26 Antifungal Food Additives

Purbita Ray and Michael B. Liewen

27 Molecular Detection of Fungi in Foods and Feeds

Janos Varga

28 The Role of Spoilage Fungi in Seed Deterioration

Naresh Magan, Vicente Sanchis, and David Aldred

29 Mycotoxins

Fun S. Chu and Deepak Bhatnagar

30 Genetics and Biochemistry of Mycotoxin Synthesis

Jiujiang Yu


31 Cellulose Degradation by Fungi

Justine M. Niamke and Nam Sun Wang

32 The Importance of Wood-Decay Fungi in Forest Ecosystems

Nia A. White

33 The Biodegradation of Lignocellulose by White Rot Fungi

Gary Ward, Yitzhak Hadar, and Carlos G. Dosoretz

34 Biomineralization of Heavy Metals

35 Decoloration of Industrial Wastes and Degradation of Dye Water

Kirsten Schliephake, Warren L. Baker, and Greg T. Lonergan

36 Bioconversion of Distillery Waste

Jozefa Friedrich

37 Degradation of Hydrocarbons by Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi

John B. Sutherland

38 Biodegradation of Azo Dyes by Fungi

John A. Bumpus

39 Fungal Degradation of Explosives

J. L. Faull, S. C. Baker, S. Wilkinson, and S. Nicklin

40 Restoration of Mycorrhizae in Disturbed Arid Ecosystems

Season R. Snyder and Michael F. Allen

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