Laccase and Remazol Brilliant Blue

Laccase was shown to be a major extracellular enzyme of P. cinnabarinus and responsible for decolorization of CSB and most likely the pigmented wastewater. A number of successful trials of the strain P. cinnabarinus in decolorizing the vinyl sulfonyl industrial dye, Remazol Brilliant Blue R (RBBR) (Figure 3), were carried out on the laboratory scale (Jones et al. 1993; Lonergan et al. 1993). Remazol Brilliant Blue R is used for dyeing jeans. Subsequently a purified laccase from P. cinnabarinus was also shown to be involved in the decolorization of industrial grade and purified RBBR (Lonergan et al. 1996).

It therefore seemed appropriate to monitor the laccase development of P. cinnabarinus during a dye decolorization reactor cycle on a pilot scale prior to an industrial scale up. A 200 l packed-bed bioreactor was designed for the pilot scale run (Lonergan et al. 1995a,b). This pilot reactor trial provided much larger and more active samples from which laccase could be purified.

Figure 3 Structural formula of RBBR.

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