Mushroom Flavors

Sugihara and Humfeld (1954) who found that mushroom flavor could be produced by Lepiota rhacodes when grown under submerged conditions. Gilbert (1960); Litchfield et al. (1963); and Le Duy et al. (1974) studied the production of mushroom flavor by Morchella crassipes. Lentinus edodes produced 1-octen-3-ol, 5'-amp, an intense mushroom flavor when the medium was supplemented with ethanol (Sugimori et al. 1971). Hamid et al. (1972) investigated the production of mushroom flavor from Trichoderma nudum under submerged conditions, while Van Eybergen and Scheffers (1972) reported its production in the mycelium of Boletus edulis. Dijkstra (1976), Pyssalo and Honkanen (1976), and Card and Avisse (1977) found that the fermentation conditions as well as media constituents play a vital role in the production yield. Mushroom flavors have also been obtained from A. oryzae (Scharpf et al. 1986), Caprinus micaceus, Merulins rufus, and Poria vaillantu (Schindler and Schmid 1982).

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