Salted Seafoods

Seafoods including fish are nutritious and popular as food. However, they are highly perishable. Processes such as salting are used to preserve seafoods.

Korean Jeotkal: Fish such as herring and sardines, shrimps, cuttle fish, oysters, and clams are salted and stored to allow aging. Halophilic bacteria exhibiting protease, RNA depolymerase, and 5'-phosphodiesterase activities play a role. Saccharomyces and Torulopsis become dominant about 40 days after aging when halophytic bacteria disappear (Lee et al. 1977). Differences in flavor between different types of jeotkal are attributed to variations in the content of free amino acids and 5'-mononucleotides. The protein content of jeotkal is higher than that in vegetable foods while the vitamin content is dependent on the type of jeotkal.

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