Cleaning And Sharpening Auger Bits

An easy and effective way to clean auger bits is shown in Figure 42. A strand of rope is saturated with cylinder oil and then coated or covered with fine emery dust. The bit is held rigidly in a metal vise, and the rope is wound once or twice around the bit and drawn back and forth. The oil holds the emery dust on the rope, and the dust acts as an abrasive which cleans the rust from the metal. A good way to coat the rope with the emery dust and oil is to place a quantity of the emery dust in a dish and cover it with oil, then stir it with a stick until thoroughly mixed. The rope is then put in the dish and coated.

Auger bits are sharpened by the fig. 4i. auger bit use of a file made especially for sc/lew pom 7^ f/le Spur huôt be straight r/l. £ here. screw

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