Fig 107 Centerpunching The Heads Of The Rivets

fig. 108. drilling off the heads of the old rivets

Another way is to make a pattern of heavy paper the shape of the ferrule, and by its use select a handle of the same shape.

2. Remove the old handle as follows: (a) Place it in the vise or on an anvil, as shown in Figure 107, and center-punch the heads of the rivets.

b) Drill off the heads of the old rivets by using a metal drill. The chain drill, as shown in Figure 108, is a suitable tool for this work.

c) Place the shovel on an anvil, and drive the old rivets out by means of a hammer and drive punch, as shown in Figure 109.

d) Spread the straps of the ferrule apart enough to remove the old handle.

Another way to remove an old handle, is to set the blade of a hack saw at right angles to the frame and rip down the length of the handle, thus cutting the rivets in two, and then drawing the pieces out at both sides.

3. The variety of shapes of handles, shovels, and ferrules, makes it quite a problem for one to decide where fitting and shaping needs to be done on the handle that has been selected. It may be at the top, bottom, or the sides. A method of holding the handle for sawing after it has been marked, is shown in

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