Fig 13 Grinding A Wood Chisel

bevel makes a thin edge suited for fine paring work. A short bevel makes a better tool for mortising. A bevel % in. long is suitable for general work. The smaller the angle between the chisel and grinder, the longer will be the resulting bevel. Pushing the tool farther up on the grinder, or lowering the handle end, increases the length of the bevel. Drawing the tool down on the grinder, or raising the handle end, results in shortening the bevel. If possible, note carefully the length of the bevel on a new chisel.

When starting the grinding process, one must clearly have in mind the position in which to hold the tool on the grinder to get the correct bevel. Then note the position carefully so that the tool can be placed in the same position after it has been raised from the stone for examination. When examining it, note carefully to see if more grinding was done on one end of the bevel than on the other. The chisel must be held on but lightly, as bearing on might draw the temper. It is well to have a container of water at hand into which the tool should be dipped frequently

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