Fig 29 Removing A Section From A Sickle

Since the cost of a box of twenty sections is less than one dollar, and the time required to replace worn or broken ones is but a few minutes.per section, it is better to put in new sections than to try and bring badly nicked ones back to working condition.

If it is desired to replace a badly nicked or broken section with a new one, the old one may be removed by the method shown in Figure 29. The sickle is placed loosely between the jaws of a metal vise with the section bar resting on one jaw of the vise. The back edge of the section to be removed is struck a firm blow with the hammer directly over each rivet. (See Fig. 29.) This will shear the rivets and the section will drop out.. (See Fig. 30.) The same operation may be performed by the use of an anvil, piece

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