Fig 80 Circularsaw Jointing

The Circular-Saw Jointing Jig

Material required:

4 2-in. No. 12 flathead screws, to fasten the %-in-piece to the 3-in. block.

8 % No. 9 roundhead screws, to fasten clamps.

1 5/16 by 31/2-in machine bolt threaded to head.

1 % by 21/2-in. machine bolt without thread.

2 V2 by 114-in. soft iron rivets, to fasten angle iron.

8 turned wood bushings of the same diameters as the bore of the saws to be trued ; that is, 1, 1%,

The %-in. piece is fastened to the 3-in. block with wood screws; the 1%-in. piece slides on the %-in. piece, and is held loosely in place with the four clamps. The bent ends of the clamps fit in the grooves on the sides of the 1%-in. piece. Delicate adjustment of the saw against the grinder is made with the bolt through the threaded hole in the angle iron. The jig is temporarily bolted to the platform of the grinder by placing two 5/16-in.

bolts through the 3-in. block and the grinder platform, in a position that will place the end of the jig about 1 in. from the stone. A wood bushing is selected of the same diameter as the hole in the saw. The %-in. bolt is placed in the bushing and then in the hole in the jig, at a point that will bring the point of the longest tooth against the grinder. With the grinder in motion, the saw is


Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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