Fig 97 Fitting An Ax Handle By The Use Of A Wood Rasp

1. Remove the old handle from the ax as follows:

a) Place the ax in a metal vise, and with a hack saw, cut off the handle close to the ax.

b) Remove as much of the old handle out of the eye as possible, by the use of iron drills held in a carpentry brace. The larger drills are preferable to the- smaller ones. Under no circumstances should the wood bits be used, as contact with the iron wedges and the metal of the ax will damage the cutting edges.

c) After having removed as much of the old handle as possible with the drills, the remainder may be driven out with a hammer and punch.

2. Place the new handle in a metal vise, in the position shown in Figure 97, and fit the handle by removing the stock with a wood rasp and a wood file. These tools are preferable to the plane and drawknife, because the plane bit makes a straight taper, and the drawknife follows the grain of the wood, thus causing more wood to be removed from one side or edge than is desired. The wood should be rasped and filed from points A,

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