Fig Is Grinding An Ax

The position or angle at which to hold it is determined partly by the use that is to be made of the ax. If it is to be used for splitting wood, a blade which is thick just back of the cutting edge works better than a thin blade. If it is to be used for chopping, the thin blade is preferable. The tool is not ground to a straight bevel like a wood chisel or plane bit, but should be made convex or rounded in shape. This is accomplished by slowly moving the ax from right to left and back and forth on the stone. If the ax blade is thick, and it is desired to grind it down by removing metal back from the edge, it may be held firmly on the stone without damage to the tool. When the grinding is to be done at or near the edge, the ax is held on but lightly, as heavy pressure will draw the temper. The wire edge may be removed and a fine cutting edge produced by use of an oilstone or a whetstone.

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