File And Worker For Filing

of the teeth is controlled by the extent to which the file is tilted, or tipped sidewise, toward the point of the saw. If the file were so held as to have its top side horizontal, the front and the back of each tooth would have the same angle. There would not be enough hook to the front of the teeth to cause them to take hold well. Such a saw is spoken of as a "peg-tooth" saw.

The crosscut handsaw is not filed straight across, as is the ripsaw. The file is held as shown at A and B, Figure 60, so that the point of the file points toward the handle of the saw, and so that there is an angle of 45 deg. between the handle end of the file and the tip end of the saw. The smaller this angle, that is, the closer the handle end of the file is held to the blade of the saw,

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