Fitting A Fork Handle

1. To remove the old handle, tap the fork close to the handle with a hammer, and drive it out. Then bore out the wood by using the largest iron drill that will go into the thimble. Next, cut off the handle close to the ferrule and split out the wood with a small cold chisel. If the handle does not come off by tapping it with the hammer, cut it off close to the ferrule, remove as much of the wood as possible out of the ferrule by using the iron drills, and thus loosen it.

2. Place the handle in a vise, as shown in Figure 114, and remove stock by use of the half-round bastard file, so as to allow the ferrule to be driven in place. The ferrule may be shorter than the distance from the shoulder on the handle to the end, so it is held alongside of the handle and marked, and then the end cut off as necessary.

3. To drive the ferrule in place by striking it directly with a hammer would bend the end out of shape, so it may be driven in place by using a hardwood block, as shown in Figure 115.

4. If necessary, increase the size of the hole in the handle for

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