Fitting A Ripsaw

The shape of ripsaw teeth is shown in Figures 51, 52, and' 53. The front or cutting faces of the teeth are at right angles to a line along the points of the teeth. This may be tested with a square, as shown in Figure 53. A triangular file in the correct position between two teeth is shown at A. It will be noted that the side of the file which is against the front of a tooth is held plumb. By holding one side of the file plumb and by pressing the file down into the gullet, the back of the tooth will be at a 30-deg. angle to a line along the points of the teeth.

The position of the saw in the clamp and that of the file on the saw are shown in Figure 54. The position of the filer is shown in Figure 55. It may be noted that, for filing, the saw is placed down in the clamp so that the teeth are only about % in. above the top edge of the clamp. Unless the saw is placed low, it will vibrate and screech, and the file will

Shape Tooth Ripsaw
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