Gasoline Engine And Countershaft

If a gasoline engine and grinder are mounted on the same bench, the vibration is so great as to make grinding very difficult, and it is, therefore, not recommended. The gasoline engine should be mounted on a concrete base separate from the grinder. It may-then be belted directly to the grinder, as shown in Figure 4. However, it is more satisfactory to use a countershaft, as shown in Figure 5. If it is belted directly to the engine, an 11- or 12-in.

Engine Photos Where Use Countershaft

drive pulley is required on the engine. This is figured at an engine speed of 500 r.p.m.

An easy and satisfactory method of keeping the belt tight, is to mount the motor on a board. Make two slotted holes in the board, on a center line, one near each end, and bolt the board to the top of the bench or platform to which the grinder is attached. By loosening the nuts on the bolts, the board and motor may be crowded back tight in the belt; then tightening the nuts, holds it in place.

Engine Photos Where Use Countershaft
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