1 broomstick 18% in. long, for lock bar.

2 3-in. strap hinges.

8 ly^-in. No. 9 flathead wood screws, to assemble lever and triangular lock pieces to levers.

12 1%-in. No. 9 or 10 flathead wood screws, to fasten middle and bottom braces and back jaw to posts.

2 ll/2-in. No. 9 flathead wood screws and 2 14, by 2-in. flat-head stove bolts, to fasten levers to jaws.

Detail drawing A shows the way to make the ends of the clamps. This provides a way to hold the saw for filing without removing the handle. The upper outside edge of each jaw of the clamp is chamfered so as to increase clearance for work with the file. The rear jaw of the clamp is fastened to the posts with two 1%-in. flathead screws at each end.

Detail drawing B shows the way to lay out and cut the upper ends of the posts. It should be noted that the front edge of the post to which the clamp is fastened, marked x in the drawing, is not parallel to the back edge of the post. It is 2 in. from the back edge at the top and 1% in- from the fronfesedge at the bottom. This is to provide a clearance between the jaws of the clamp at the bottom, as indicated at C in the upper end of the end view. If this were not made, the clamps would press the saw at the bottom and not at the top, allowing it to vibrate wrhile filing.

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