Making A Staple Puller

1. Cut 6V2 in. of in. octagonal tool steel.

2. Heat one end to a cherry red, hammer and grind the end back so as to remove irregularities, and make it at right angles to the stock.

3. Heat the same end to a light color so that it may be bent.

Place it on the anvil with the heated end projecting over the edge % in. Bend it at right angles, then fold it back as shown at A, Figure 123. Having this shape, the tool may be driven under a staple by hammering at the end, then lifted by hammering at B and C. If the staple puller becomes driven into the post, as often happens, it may be driven back by hammering at D. The double thickness of stock permits a great deal of hammering, yet it will keep its shape.

4. Heat the other end to a cherry red, draw it out square, then octagonal and then round, tapering it to a point, as shown by the dotted lines at E.

5. Grind the end off to make a punch shape, % i*1- diameter, as shown at E.

6. Heat the end to a cherry red, and bend it to a x/4-in. offset, as shown at F.

7. Grind the back and sides of the point to a shape suggested at F and G.

8. Heat about 3 in. of the end to a cherry red. Dip about 1 in. in water, and hold it until cold; then watch the temper color draw down, and when the blue reaches the point, set the steel at that temper by plunging it in water.

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