Pig 7 A Bench Grinder For Stones 8 To 10 In In Diameter

A complete layout of grinder, engine, and countershaft, is shown in Figure 6. The engine A is mounted on a concrete base which is 1 ft. high. It is equipped with a 5- or 5%-in. pulley, and runs at 500 r.p.m. The pulley is belted to a 3%-in. driven pulley on the countershaft B, and an 8-in. driving pulley on the countershaft is belted to the 2-in. pulley on the grinder C.

The recommended speed of the grinder is between 2,546 and 3,183 r.p.m. The average of the two extreme speeds is 2,865 r.p.m. A 5-in. pulley on the engine will drive the grinder at 2,664 r.p.m., and a 5^-in. pulley will drive it at 2,932 r.p.m. 6

A grinder, designed for stones 8 or 10 in. in diameter with a guard over each wheel, is shown in Figure 7. The grinder may be mounted directly to the top of a bench of the usual height, which is 32 in., or on a stand fastened to the top of the bench, as shown in Figure 7 and in Figure 6, D. The base for the stand is shown in Figure 6, E and F. Two wagon-box staples (Fig. 6, G)

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