Sharpening And Tempering A Pickax

1. After having removed the handle from the pick, place one end of it in the forge fire. Lay it in horizontally, in such a way that a deep bed of red, burning coke is under the pick and enough on it to cover it. (See Fig. 124.) Do not force the fire to cause a blast of air to strike the metal. Allow it to heat slowly so as to get all the metal to a uniform heat. See Figure 124 for the position of the pick in the fire.

2. To know the heat condition of the metal, draw it out frequently and look at it. The forging should be done when the metal is cherry red.

3. Be prepared for the hammering by having the hammer in the right hand while the pick is still in the fire.

4. To forge the point of the pick to a desired shape, place

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