A rest of some kind to support the work, is desirable for many grinding jobs, as illustrated in Figures 9, 11, and 12. The drawing, Figure 2, gives the dimensions for a very satisfactory tool-rest which consists of two pieces of wood fastened together with flathead wood screws. The bottom piece is 1% by 3% by 12 in., and the upper piece 1% by 2by 12 in. The top, or wearing surface, has been protected by fastening a strip of iron % by 1 by 12 in. to it. The iron is held with countersunk flathead wood screws. Before fastening the iron in place, the front edge of the upper section of the toolrest is chamfered so as to be out of the way.

The top of a toolrest for any grinder should be high enough to be just above the center of the stone.

The bottom view of the toolrest shows two pegs 3 in. long, set up into the underside of the rest IV2 in. at points which correspond with the holes drilled in the base, as dimensioned in Figure 1. Pieces of broomstick make excellent pegs for this purpose.

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