Truing Up The Stone

Grinding cannot be done successfully if the grinder is "out of round," or if the surface is uneven or glazed. A special tool called an "emery-wheel dresser" is made for truing it up, and should be obtained at the time of purchase of the grinder. To true up the surface of a stone, the dresser is held against the grinder while it is revolving, as shown in Figure 3, holding it on the tool* rest and pressing firmly against the grinder, moving it right and left.

If one is careful in the use of the grinder and does not hold thin material at one place so as to wear grooves in the stone, or otherwise make it uneven, the dresser need not be used often.

FIG. 4. GRINDER BELTED DIRECTLY TO A GASOLINE ENGINE (Not satisfactory unless the engine is fastened to a concrete base)
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