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The Survival MD book is written by two highly regarded people, Dr Radu Scurtu and Robert Grey. They are best qualified to produce the Survival MD guidebook due to one being a survival expert and the other survived hurricane Katrina. Dr Radu Scurtu has many years of experience as a medical doctor and adds a lot of valuable information regarding surviving when there are no medical facilities available. By tailoring its contents to every thinkable niche group of people, Survival MD fulfills its role as a comprehensive survival guide and can help anyone prepare for even the worst of disasters. Survival MD will teach you extremely vital bits of knowledge including the different types of disaster diseases and how to treat them, how to identify and treat traumatic illnesses and wounds, as well as how to survive without any medical prescription in the worst of situations. Survival MD is incredibly easy to read and understand. You dont need to have worked in a health care profession to be able to execute the instructions given in the book. I recommend that you give it to your children to read. You never know whether they might need to save your life using knowledge acquired from the guidebook. It is an incredibly interesting read so you are unlikely to get bored. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

I give this ebook my highest rating, 10/10 and personally recommend it.

The Last Man Standing

Have you ever been caught up in a fight or flight situation? Like most of us, you must have been since the times are tough and the world is crazy. Even if you haven't you'll need The Last Man Standing because anything can happen any second. An Ebook that contains 3 primary survival tactics, The Last Man Standing could be your chance of getting through the misery protected and triumphant. The fact is it has been developed for that very purpose. The book has simplified ample survival knowledge and has summed it up to three basic things: Specialized knowledge, Creative thinking, and The ability to push pass stress, fear or pain. This is not all, however. There are certain additional secrets in the book that buttress the whole course. Those secrets are ancient in their nature but the author has managed to mold them for the 21st century. The fact that the course is developed by a former special forces soldier and international trainer, Tom Anderson. He has worked with soldiers across North America and Europe to prep them up for guerilla warfare in hostile countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc. Bonuses include DIY Survival 71 Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life, Invincible Wilderness Survival: A Detailed Field Guide To Bushcrafting, and The Suburban Stronghold: A Complete Blueprint For An Impenetrable Homestead. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Tom Anderson
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Spec Ops Bushcrafting

Fundamentally the guide is worked around 8 survival mainstays of wild basic instincts that are instructed to the Special Forces. When you purchase this guide, there are a million survival tips and abilities that you will gain from it. The guide investigates the whole condition encompassing the US Special Forces including every last ability that keeps them alive out there in the wild. The guide will shower you with learning on wet climate fire making method that the wilderness corps use out there to keep themselves warm amid the wet climate. You don't need survival tips since you are resistant to risks. Spec Ops Bushcrafting is fundamentally a viable survival manual that tells you the various surviving abilities that keep you protected and secure. The purpose of this guide is on account of his life has been a secret and it's anything but a wonder he survived all that. You will learn of the correct calorie allow that is basic for survival. You will take in every one of the measures, looked into tips and abilities that will cover you with powerful measures to keep yourself secure and protected. You will learn tricks and tips that are useful and not a spam. More here...

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The Amazing Stockpiling Challenge

The amazing Stockpiling Challenge refers to a revolutionary meant to safe-keep you and your household members for about a year with a rich supply of necessities such as nutritious food, clean drinking water, a self-defense gear, and clothes among other emergency supplies. No one knows when disaster will strike. This guide will help you learn how to build a stockpile of food to survive in disastrous moments. It is a creation of Dan F Sullivan, a proficient survival tactician. The creation of the product followed a very comprehensive research and therefore you can give it all your trust. The guide comes in form of a PDF that downloadable once you have an internet connection. The best thing about the Amazing Stockpiling Challenge is that the stockpile is designed much earlier before the onset of a crisis. Evidently, the prices of basic commodities often skyrocket calamitous periods and therefore this structure will help you save hundreds of dollars by shielding from the market problems such as inflated prices. The product has been positively reviewed by individuals who have already given it a try. No one knows when disaster will strike. Start planning yourself now by purchasing this product More here...

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Takeover Survival Plan

Takeover Survival Plan is a step by step guide designed to help you make all the necessary arrangements as well as taking all the safety measures to keep ready for any disaster. It is a product of James Wright, an experienced survival tactician. The program is dived into a total of 5 modules, all important in the same degree. Each of the modules addresses a critical survival skill that will help you have an easier life when disaster strikes. It is indisputable that we live in turbulent times, where both the global and the local economy are quite dynamic. In this light, it is essential to get prepared for the inevitable. The Takeover Survival Plan is a legit program and has received a lot of commendations over time. Since there is a 60-day warranty, you have an opportunity to test the product and decide whether or not it is worth your dollars. If it does not meet your valuation, you will be at liberty to claim a refund. Be sure you will get in full without any question. We are all uncertain about the future. May you live prepared by subscribing to this program. More here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: James Wright
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Donald A Wilhite Mark D Svoboda And Michael J Hayes

Drought occurs somewhere in the United States almost every year and results in serious economic, social, and environmental costs and losses. Drought is more commonly associated with the western United States because much of this region is typically arid to semiarid. For example, this region experienced widespread drought conditions from the late 1980s through the early 1990s. The widespread and severe drought that affected large portions of the nation in 1988 resulted in an estimated 39 billion in impacts in sectors ranging from agriculture and forestry to transportation, energy production, water supply, tourism, recreation, and the environment (Riebsame et al., 1991). In the case of agriculture, production losses of more than 15 billion occurred and especially devastated corn and spring wheat belts in addition to reducing exports to other nations. In 1995, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimated annual losses attributable to drought at 6-8 billion (FEMA, 1995)....

Drought Mitigation

Issued a national policy on disaster prevention and management (NDPPC Yibra, 1996). The major disaster prevention and preparedness modalities include development of an emergency food security reserve, national disaster prevention and preparedness fund, and seed reserve. The National Committee for Early Warning can recommend that the NDPPC declare the whole country or part of it as disaster areas, following which the government initiates possible actions to mitigate impacts of drought.

Neurotoxicity of Chemicals Commonly Used in Agriculture

A possibility of occupational exposure must be considered in all agricultural workers and their families however, those who work in a confined space with little or no means of personal protection, who lack the necessary training or sufficient knowledge of the native language, or lack access to industrial hygiene data should be considered likely candidates for a detailed evaluation.

Remote Sensing For Floods

Floods are among the most devastating natural hazards in the world, claiming more lives and causing more property damage than any other natural phenomena. As a result, floods are one of the greatest challenges to weather prediction. A flood can be defined as any relatively high water flow that overtops the natural or artificial banks in any portion of a river or stream. When a bank is overtopped, the water spreads over the flood plain and generally becomes a hazard to society. When extreme meteorological events occur in areas characterized by a high degree of urbanization, the flooding can be extensive, resulting in a great amount of damage and loss of life. Heavy rain, snowmelt, or dam failures cause floods. The events deriving from slope dynamics (gravitational phenomena) and fluvial dynamics (floods) are commonly triggered by the same factor heavy rainfall. Especially in mountainous areas, analyzing flood risk is often impossible without considering all of the other phenomena...

Worker Protection Standard

The United States Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) gives the EPA the authority to regulate pesticides. In 1995 the EPA adopted the Pesticide Worker Protection Standard (WPS), 40 CFR 170. The WPS seeks to reduce pesticide exposure through four primary interventions use of personal protection equipment, posted pesticide safety information, decontamination, and restricted entry intervals. The Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) of 1996 mandated a massive re-registration of pesticides to occur over a period of years. Since the WPS requires that all pesticide label instructions be followed, the FQPA may result in increased protections afforded to agriculture pesticide handlers. The EPA is the lead enforcement agency for the WPS but has delegated much of this responsibility to the states. In most states the state Department of Agriculture administers the WPS (3).

Monitoring Major Droughts

Drought in 1989 and 1996 began early and by the end of April affected the primary winter wheat areas. Compared to earlier droughts, the 1988 vegetation stress (black color in figure 6.1) was not seen so early. By July the 1988 drought turned into a national disaster, affecting vegetation during the most critical mid-season period. The crop yield anomalies during the years of major droughts are well related to vegetation health indices (Kogan, 1995, 1997, 2000).

Jacques Diouf

Drought is one of the most complex natural hazards because its impacts may affect large areas over several years in a row. If farmers can react as soon as a drought appears, the downward effect on food production can be minimized. Therefore, an efficient mechanism for monitoring agricultural droughts on a global scale, using both traditional and modern tools, is of utmost significance. FAO's Global Information and Early Warning Systems for food and agriculture thus pays particular attention to drought. The Organization has played a pioneering role in the use of agro-meteorological crop monitoring and the use of satellite imagery to assess drought impacts. Significant efforts have been made, particularly in Africa, to establish National Early Warning Systems and to train national staff in the use of modern tools.


Agricultural drought is the most complex natural hazard, and so is its monitoring and prediction. Agricultural drought affects large areas and causes significant drops in the food production. If an effective early warning system for monitoring and predicting agricultrural droughts can be developed using weather-based variables, satellite data and crop growth models, human and livestock mortality and decline in food production can be minimized. Although some countries in the world have established or have initiated work on developing a drought monitoring or early warning system, others have not. Information and issues presented in the chapters of this book will help drought planners of any nation to develop or improve their drought monitoring or early warning system to tackle drought situations more effectively. This in turn will contribute to ensuring sustainability of food production for future generations.


Diagnosis is by detection of the 16s rRNA gene of C. Psittasi in sputum with a PCR analysis, and a typical radiographic appearance and culture. Tetracyclines and erythromycin are effective for treatment. Prevention is through close monitoring and culling flocks and pet birds and personal protection equipment (32).

Survival Basics

Survival Basics

This is common knowledge that disaster is everywhere. Its in the streets, its inside your campuses, and it can even be found inside your home. The question is not whether we are safe because no one is really THAT secure anymore but whether we can do something to lessen the odds of ever becoming a victim.

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