by placing on the anvil, with one end diagonally across the shoulder between the anvil face and the chipping block, and with the other end against the vertical side of the anvil. A series of three or four medium or light blows are struck on the end on the shoulder, swinging the tongs a little between each blow. In this manner the end of the U is given a short, blunt, angling taper with a slightly roughened surface. The piece is then turned over and the other end scarfed in the same manner. The scarfs may l>e finished by striking lightly with the cross peen of the hammer.

The legs of the U are next bent over the horn, lapped together, and hammered shut. It is important that the link or ring be somewhat egg-shaped at this stage—not round. The ends should cross each other at an angle of about 90 deg. This insures plenty of material at the joint for finishing the link and prevents a thin, weak section at the weld.

Strike here

This end held against vertical side of anvil.

Swing tongs between hammer blows

Fig. 270.—A good method of soaring linkB.

The link is then placcd in a good welding fire and heated, flux being applied after a red heat is reached. The link may need to be turned over in the fire a time or two in order to insure even heating.

A. Bend to horacahoe shape.

R. Scarf same aa chain link.

C. Bend egg-thap*d and wold.

When the welding heat is reached, the work is quickly removed from the fire, given a quick rap over the anvil to shake off any slag or impurities, and then put in place on the face of the anvil and the ends hammered together. The link is struck two or three quick, medium blows on one side, then turned over and struck on the other side.

Medium blows are used because the iron at welding heat is soft> and heavy blows would mash it out of shape. Forcing the parts firmly together is all that is required. It is essential to work fast before the iron loses the welding heat. A second or even a third welding heat may be taken if necessary to completely weld the ends down.

After the ends are welded together, the link is finished by rolling it slowly on the horn (by twisting or swinging the tongs back and forth) while hammering rapidly with light blows. In case of a large ring, the weld can best be finished by making the stock square, then eight-sided and finally round as in drawing round rods.

the stock squar«, tlioa eight-aided, and finally round.

315. Welding Rods or Bars.—To weld rods or bars, it is best to upset the ends somewhat before scarfing. The scarfs should be short and thick and with rounded convex surfaces (see Fig. 273). The irons are fluxed and brought up to the welding heat in the usual manner. When they roach the welding heat, they are removed from the fire, struck quickly over the edge of the anvil to shake off any slag or impurities, put in place on the anvil and hammered together first on one side and then the other with crxizi JZZQ—3

Side view A Top view

Side view B

Flo. 273.—A. Round rods upset, .scarfed, and in position for welding. R. Flat bar upset and scarfed for welding.

light or medium blows, followed by heavier ones. After the first blow or two to stick the irons, the ends of the scarfs should be welded down next because they are thin and lose their welding temperature rapidly.

Getting Irons in Place on Anvil.—The irons are put in place on the anvil face with the scarfed surfaces together, and with the left-hand, piece on top. The pieces can thus be held together with only one hand, leaving the right hand free to use the hammer. Steadying the pieces over the edges of the dD

Top view

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