Marking the locations for the holes in the second piece The first piece may then be used as a guide or template and the holes in the second piece

marked through the holes in the first- piece, with a pcncil, a nail, or an awl; or if the two pieces can be held in alignment in a vise or clamp, the locations for the pilot holes need not be marked but simply drilled, using the holes in the first piece to guide the drill.

Where several screws are used to hold two pieces together, it is sometimes possible to drill one or two pilot holes and set the screws in these holes up tight before drilling the pilot holes for the remaining screws.

The other pilot holes can then be drilled with ease by using the holes in the first Fig. 82.—A common type of board as guides.

countersink used for countersink- 83. Countersinking.—When flat-headed ing fiat-headed «crewa. , . . . , , , screws are used, the holes should be countersunk to allow the heads to come down flush or slightly below the surface. A common mistake is to countersink too deep. Holes for oval-headed screws are also countersunk. Countersinks are commonly made with square tapered shanks and are used in bit braces.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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