Rope Work

Every farmer has occasion to use rope, and it will be well worth his time to master some of the more useful knots, bitches, and splices so that he can make them easily and quickly. It is better to learn a few of the more useful ones thoroughly than to acquire only a. superficial knowledge of many and be unable to use them when needed.

373. How Rope Is Made.—Hope is made of fibers of certain vegetable plants. The fibers A (Fig. 313) are twisted together in a right-hand1

Fig. 313.—Parts of rope. A, fibers; b, yarn; C, strand; D, whole rope.

Fig. 313.—Parts of rope. A, fibers; b, yarn; C, strand; D, whole rope.

direction to form the 3'arns B. The yarns are then twisted together in a left-hand direction to form the strands C; and the strands are twisted together in a right-hand direction to form the rope. It is this opposite or alternate twisting of fibers, yarns, and strands that keeps a rope in shape. When a weight is hung on the end of a rope, it tends to untwist and become longer. In untwisting, however, the yarns are twisted tighter. The weight will revolve until the twists in the fibers, yarns, and strands are equalized.

1 If a rope ia pointed toward a clock, and the twist of the fibers, yams, or strands is the same direction as the bands move, the twist is said to be right-hand. If the twist is counterclockwise, it is said to be left-hand.

374. Rope Terms and Definitions.

Fiber. Threadlike material obtained from the plant. Yarn. Fibers twisted together. Thread. Two or more small yarns twisted together. Siring. The same as thread but made of larger yarns. Cord. Several threads twisted together. Strand. Two or more large yarns twisted together. Rope. Several strands twisted together. Ilawser. Three-strand rope laid up right-handed. Cable. Three hawsers twisted together left-handed. Bight. A U made by turning the rope back on itself. hoop. A complete turn in the rope (see Fig. 314). Standing Part. The main part, or long part of the rope as distinguished from the end being knotted, tied, or spliccd.

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