Some Work Done without TongsA considerable amount of work can be done without tongs An eyebolt for instance can be made on the end of a rod 20 or 30 in long and then cut off when finished

276. (<z) What is the cheapest way of providing a good forge for the farm shop? (6) What kind of blower would you recommend? (c) How large a hearth should the farm forge have?

277. (a) What different kinds of anvils are available? (6) What kind is best, and how may the different kinds be readily distinguished? (c) What size of anvil is best for the farm shop? (d) Can a piece of railroad iron or rail be used satisfactorily in the farm shop? (e) What is the chipping block and what is it for? (/) Why is one corner of the anvil face rounded? (g) What is the purpose of the holes in the face? (h) In what, position should the anvil be mounted with respect to the forge? (t) How high should it be mounted?

278. (a) What kind or kinds of tongs would you recommend for the farm shop? (b) What size?

279. What sizes of hand hammers would you recommend for blacksmithing?

280. What other tools, like hardies, chisels, and punches, would be needed?

281. What kind and type of vise is best for blacksmithing?

Fro. 251.—By careful planning, many blacksmithing jobs can be don© almost, if not altogether, without the use of tonga.


282. (a) What fire tools-will be needed? (6) What materials would be needed to make these in the shop?

283. (a) What measuring tools would you recommend for blacksm¡thing? (6) In what respect« as a small steel square better than a rule? (c) Why are wooden rules not satisfactory?

284. (a) What are the characteristics of a good forge fire? (6) What kind of fuel is used in the forge? (c) What are its characteristics or properties?

286. (a) Just how would you go about building a fire in a forge? (b) Why should the fire be well banked with green coal?

286. (a) What attention should the fire have to keep it in good condition? (6) IIow may it be kept from spreading or becoming open and loose?

287. (a) How often should the fire be cleaned? (6) Just how is the fire cleaned?

288. (a) Just how should the irons be placed in the fire? Why? (b) How may light or thin parts be kept from overheating? (c) How hot should irons be heated for forging?

289. (a) How may tongs be reshaped to fit the work? (b) Under what conditions may work be done without tongs?


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