The overhand knot Fig 324 is used sometimes as an end knot in a rope but more frequently as a part of other knots and hitches

1 For discussion of the crown knot and the wall knot, see Arts. 381 and 3S3, respectively.

1. First make a wall knot, leaving it loosely constructed (see Fig. 323A).

2. Then pass end 1 up through loop a ahead of it; end 2 up through loop 6 and end 3 up through loop c.

3. Draw the strands up even and tight.


Flo. 324.—The overhand knot.

386. The fisherman's knot (fig. 325) is used for joining silk lines or guts on fish tackle. It may be used also for tying two ropes together. It is made by placing the two ends to be joined side by side, and then tying each end around the other, using an overhand knot.

387. The square knot (Fig. 326) is one of the most useful knots for joining the ends of twine, string, or rope.

388. The granny knot (Fig. 327) has much the same appearance of the square knot, but it will slip under strain and should not be used. It should be studied carefully so that it will not be mistakenly tied for the very useful square knot.

389. The slip knot (Fig. 328) is used for tying a tight loop around an object. It is made by forming a bight in the end of the rope, and tying the end around the standing part, using an overhand knot.

390. The Tom fool's or double-bow knot (Fig. 320) is sometimes called a trick knot, although it is very useful. It is often used for holding hogs while ringing. One loop is slipped over the hog's upper jaw, and the standing end of that loop is fastened to a post. The knot is untied, and

Fig. 325.—The fishermau'ri knot

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