Mince Pie Meat I 4 lbs. lean beef

3 lbs. currants

2 lbs. beef suet

1/2 lb. finely cut citron Baldwin apples

1 quart cooking brandy

3 quinces

1 tablespoon cinnamon and mace

3 lbs. sugar

1 tablespoon powdered clove

2 cups molasses

2 grated nutmegs 2 quarts cider

1 teaspoon pepper

4 lbs. raisins, seeded and cut in pieces

Salt to taste

Cover meat and suet with boiling water and cook until tender, cool in water in which they are cooked; the suet will rise to top, forming a cake of fat, which may be easily removed. Finely chop meat, and add it to twice the amount of finely chopped apples. The apples should be quartered, cored, and pared, previous to chopping, or skins may be left on, which is not an objection if apples are finely chopped. Add quinces finely chopped, sugar, molasses, cider, raisins, currants, and citron; also suet, and stock in which meat and suet were cooked, reduced to one and one-half cups. Heat gradually, stir occasionally, and cook slowly two hours; then add brandy and spices.

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