German Chowder

3 lb. haddock

1 beaten egg

1 quart cold water

1 quart potatoes cut in 3/4 -inch cubes

2 slices carrot Bit of bay leaf

2-inch cube fat salt pork Sprig of parsley

1 sliced onion

1 cracker, pounded

5 tablespoons flour Salt, pepper, cayenne

1 quart scalded milk 2 tablespoons melted butter

1/4 cup butter Few drops onion juice

8 common crackers

Clean, skin, and bone fish. Add to bones cold water and vegetables, and let simmer twenty minutes. Strain stock from bones. Chop fish meat; there should be one and one-half cups.

Add cracker, seasonings, melted butter and egg, then shape in small balls. Try out pork, add onion, and cook five minutes. Strain, and add to fat, potatoes, balls, and fish stock, and cook until potatoes are soft. Thicken milk with butter and flour cooked together. Combine mixtures, and season highly with salt, pepper, and cayenne. Add crackers, split and soaked in cold milk.

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