Lobster Timbales II 2 lb. live lobster

2 eggs 1/4 cup stale bread crumbs

Sherry wine 1/2 cup heavy cream

Salt and pepper

Split lobster, remove intestinal vein, liver, and stomach. Crack claw shells with mallet, then remove all meat, scraping as close to shell as possible to obtain the color desired. Force meat through a sieve, add bread crumbs, cream, eggs slightly beaten, and salt, pepper, and Sherry wine to taste. Fill small timbale moulds two-thirds full, place in iron frying-pan, and pour in boiling water to two-thirds the depths of the moulds. Place over moulds buttered paper and cook on the range until firm, keeping water below the boiling-point. Remove from moulds and serve with Hot Mayonnaise .

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