Fillets of Chicken, Sauce Suprême Remove fillets from three chickens, leaving wing joint and a piece of bone attached to each fillet. Reserve mignon fillets for the making of force-meat. Make a pocket in each large fillet, and stuff with one-half tablespoon force-meat; close pockets, and fasten each with five pieces of truffle, shaped to represent nails and drawn through with a larding needle. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, put in small baking-pan, brush over with cold water, add one-half cup Madeira wine, cover with buttered paper, and bake in a hot oven ten minutes. Arrange cooked mushroom caps overlapping one another the entire length of platter, put a chop frill on bone of each fillet, and put three fillets on each side of mushrooms. Garnish with celery tips and pour around.

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