Lobster Cream I 2 lb. lobster

2 teaspoons Anchovy sauce 1/2 cup soft stale bread crumbs

1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup milk

Few grains cayenne 1/4 cup cream

Whites 3 eggs

Remove lobster meat from shell and chop finely. Cook bread and milk ten minutes. Add cream, seasonings, and whites of eggs beaten until stiff. Turn into one slightly buttered timbale mould and two slightly buttered Dario moulds. Bake as Lobster Timbales. Remove to serving dish, having larger mould in centre, smaller moulds one at either end. Pour around Lobster Sauce I, sprinkle with coral rubbed through a sieve, and garnish with pieces of lobster shell from tail, and parsley.

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