List of dishes previously given that may be prepared on the Chafing-Dish:-German Toast

Buttered Lobster Dropped Eggs

Creamed Lobster Eggs a la Finnoise

Broiled Meat Cakes Eggs a la Suisse

Salmi of Lamb Scrambled Eggs Creamed Sweetbreads Scrambled Eggs with Tomato Sauce

Sauted Sweetbreads Chickens' Livers with

Madeira Sauce Scrambled Eggs with Anchovy Toast

Chickens' Livers with Curry Buttered Eggs Buttered Eggs with Tomatoes

Sautéd Chickens' Livers

Creamed Chicken Curried Eggs

Chicken and Oysters à la Métropole French Omelet Spanish Omelet

Stewed Mushrooms Creamed Fish

Sautéd Mushrooms Halibut à la Rarebit

Mushrooms à la Sabine Creamed Oysters

Soufflé au Rhum

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