rice, part

Steamed Rice 1 cup rice

23/4 to 31/4 cups boiling water 1 teaspoon salt

(according to age of rice)

Put salt and water in top of double boiler, place on range, and add gradually well-washed stirring with a fork to prevent adhering to boiler. Boil five minutes, cover, place over under double boiler, and steam forty-five minutes, or until kernels are soft; uncover, that steam may escape. When rice is steamed for a simple dessert, use one-half quantity of water given in recipe, and steam until rice has absorbed water; then add scalded milk for remaining liquid.


Rice with Cheese

Steam one cup rice, allowing one tablespoon salt; cover bottom of buttered pudding-dish rice, dot over with three-fourths tablespoon butter, sprinkle with thin shavings mild cheese few grains cayenne; repeat until rice and one-fourth pound cheese are used. Add milk to half depth of contents of dish, cover with buttered cracker crumbs, and bake until cheese melts.

To wash rice. Put rice in strainer, place strainer over bowl nearly full of cold water; rub between hands, lift strainer from bowl, and change water. Repeat process three or four times, until water is quite clear.

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