Devilled Scallops 1 quart scallops

1 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup butter

Few grains cayenne 1/3 teaspoon made mustard

2/3 cup buttered cracker crumbs

Clean scallops, drain, and heat to the boiling-point; drain again, and reserve liquor. Cream the butter, add mustard, salt, cayenne, two-thirds cup reserved liquor, and scallops chopped. Let stand one-half hour. Put in a baking-dish, cover with crumbs, and bake twenty minutes.

Fried Oyster Crabs

Wash and drain crabs. Roll in flour, and shake in a sieve to remove superfluous flour. Fry in a basket in deep fat, having fat same temperature as for cooked mixtures. Drain, and place on a napkin, and garnish with parsley and slices of lemon. Serve with Sauce Tyrolienne.

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