Excavations at Hajji Firuz Tepe (1961, 1968) were conducted as part of the Hasanlu Project of the University of Pennsylvania Museum under the overall direction of Robert H. Dyson. Field director in 1961was T. Cuyler Young, Jr., and in 1968, Mary M. Voigt. Funding for the 1968 season was provided by the Kevorkian Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and generous private donors. Four seasons of excavations at Gritille (1982-1984) were carried out under the direction of Richard Ellis. The project was sponsored by Bryn Mawr College, in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Funding was provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Haines Foundation, and generous private donors. This chapter could not have been written without the exemplary preliminary reports written by James Mellaart, who has always been generous, hospitable, and encouraging, from our first meeting at his house on the Bosporus in 1966 to our most recent in London in April 1998. We have disagreed in print, but he has consistently produced some of the most intellectually interesting archaeology in the Middle East. I would like to thank Carol Kramer for her comments on an early draft of this chapter, and for her interest in Hajji Firuz, which began when she was a "guest excavator" in 1968. Credit for the appearance of this chapter goes to Ian Kuijt, who was persistent, patient, supportive, and a good critic. Finally, thanks to my colleagues at William and Mary, who have provided a home for a once wandering teacher-scholar.

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