The Symbolic Foundations

of the Neolithic Revolution in the Near East... 235

Jacques Cauvin

Introduction 235

The Advent cf Divinities 240

The Ascendancy cf Masculine Symbols and the Neolithic Triumphant 243

Conclusions 248

References 249

Chapter 11 • £atal Hoyuk in Context: Ritual at Early Neolithic

Sites in Central and Eastern Turkey 253

Mary M. Voight

Introduction 253

Defining Archaeological Context: Hajji Firuz Tepe 255

Nature of the Hajji Firuz Sample 256

Figurine Form: Application of the Ucko Typology 256

Figurine Use and Disposal Patterns 262

Magic and Meaning: Gritille Hoyuk 264

The Gritille Figurine Sample 265

Interpretation of the Gritille Figurines 267

Figures and Architecture in the Taurus PPNB 270

The Nevali Cori Cult Buildings 270

Sculptures and Iconography at Nevali Cori 271

Gobekli Tepe: Sculpted Reptiles on the Urfa Plain 274

Public Buildings and Mortuary Practices at Cayonu Tepesi 274

Catal Hoyuk: The Myth of the Goddess Revisited 275

Figurine Form, Context, and Function at Catal 276

Male or Female or Both? 283

A Religious Revolution 287

An Eastern Perspective 288

References 290

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