Large Clay Figures

Relatively large and realisticallymodeled figures come from levels VI through II, and over half (eight of fourteen) come from a single structure, AII.1 (Table 5). The largest clay figure from Catal Hoyuk (16.5 cm high without its head, estimated at c. 20 cm when complete) was found in a (grain?) bin in a small room of AII.1 (Mellaan 196393,95, Figures 31-32; 1967:Pls.IX, 6768). The figure depicts a monumentally fat woman seated in a chair; between her feet protrudes a small human head, presumably a child to whom she has just given birth. The unique size and form of this statuette, its careful(?) disposition at the bottom of a bin, and the missing heads suggest use as a cult figure (Tables 2 and 3). Another element supporting the interpretation of this figure as a deity is the presence of symbolic or iconic elements: the arms of the chair are formed by two large standing cats,

TABLE 5. £atal Höyük Figures by Location
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