Intake assessment models

The general equation for estimating intake of introduced proteins is:

Dietary Intake/person/day = X (introduced protein or protein of interest concentration x Food consumption)

Dietary intake assessments can be based on a food consumption distribution determined empirically from a food consumption survey and a single-point estimate to represent the chemical concentration in the relevant food product. Each point of the distribution curves of food consumption can be multiplied by the concentration level in the relevant food commodity. Conversely, it is possible to have a single-point estimate for consumption and an empirical distribution of introduced protein concentrations in that food. Finally, it is possible to have sufficient data to determine the distribution profile for both the amounts of food consumed and the levels of the introduced protein in those foods.

Food consumption data should be available in a format that allows matching the consumption data with the concentration data used in the dietary intake assessment. When modeling food consumption, it is important to include all sources of the food, including mixed dishes such as pizzas and stews. Typically, this requires the use of recipes and/or maps and the procedures and assumptions need to be documented.

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