The extent to which it has been characterized

The Hepatitis B vaccine protein was cloned from the virus and inserted into a plasmid containing a tissue-specific promoter that only expresses the protein banana fruit. The plasmid also contains an herbicide-resistance marker gene. The plasmid was shot into banana tissue using a helium gun. Plantlets were regenerated from transformed cells of eight banana varieties. Stable transformants were selected over ten generations of plants regenerated in tissue culture.

RR = glyphosate herbicide tolerance gene nos = nopaline synthase terminator from Agrobacterium

3 129 bp

/ft t t t Pb34 HepB CP62 tB14 2x35S RR nos

Linear DNA fragment inserted into banana KEY

Pb34 = fruit specific promoter from tomato

HepB CP62 =major epitope coat protein from Hepatitis B virus strain 4589 tB14 = terminator from tomato polygalacturonase gene 2x35S = two copies of the CaMV 35S promoter

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