The location of the site for the proposed released eg ordnance survey map of appropriate scale with site marked

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The greenhouse is designed for entomological work and is situated above the entomology department on the roof of the six-floor Life Sciences building. Access is via a restricted elevator. Only senior staff hold elevator keys to the roof floor.

4.1.2 A description of the test site in terms of:


12 sq. m greenhouse.


None in the immediate area. Ground around the building is

mostly paved with a few small plant boxes for gardens.

Groundwater level

Water table is 33 m below ground.


The university is situated on the top of a hill in a high-rise

city environment.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna are typical of an urban environment:

little biodiversity and mostly exotic species.

Climate, especially prevailing winds

Temperate. High (3,000 m above sea level). Moderate winds.

Some summer storms with hail.

Former use

The greenhouse is routinely used to quarantine imported

biocontrol insects for assessment on local pests.

Distance from nearest

300 m from the university boundary, which borders a dense

human settlements

residential area of mostly high-rise apartments.

Distance from surface waters

The nearest surface water is a stream at the bottom of the

campus about 800 m from the greenhouse site.

Distance from environmentally The nearest ecological site is 8 km to the northwest on the and otherwise protected areas same ridge as the university.

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