Trial Release Microorganisms to Be Used for Modifying the Environment eg biological control pollution control

6.1 In the case of biological control organisms, what is the biological control target species?

Ralstonia solanacearum, biovar 2.

6.2 What direct effects do the unmodified and modified organisms have on:

6.2.1 The target species?

The modified organism prevents or reduces colonization of plant by nonmodified organisms.

6.2.2 Nontarget species (including humans)?

The GMO is nonpathogenic, but the wild type causes bacterial wilt on potatoes.

6.2.3 Any plant or animal species being protected from the target species?


6.3 What is known about the organism's ability to survive and reproduce in association with the target species or substance?

Survival is not enhanced. The wild type pathogen is less effective at colonizing potatoes when the GMO is present.

6.4 Can the organism establish itself in association with nontarget species or substances?

No known occurrence has been reported.

6.5 Does the organism produce metabolites that may have deleterious effects directly on other organisms or indirectly through concentration in the food chain?

6.6 Can the modified genetic traits be transmitted to other microorganisms that are likely to be in the environment?

Although this is remotely possible, no evidence of such transfer has been found in numerous laboratory studies designed to optimize such transfer.

6.7 What genetic response might be invoked in populations of the target organism as a result of the use of the modified organism (e.g., increased resistance to the modified organism)?


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