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National and Sectoral Objectives

Figure 2.1 illustrates this hierarchy of objectives and sub-objectives for the agricultural sector, including indirect contributions that the sector makes to development in urban areas, by providing foreign exchange earnings and creating demand for processed foods and other manufactured products.5

The Role of the Exchange Rate

It is the price of foreign exchange. It is more accurate to speak of a family of exchange rates, one for the currency of each trading partner, but analyses and recommendations usually are simplified to deal with the concept of an exchange rate.38 The exchange rate of a country reflects its supply of and demand for foreign exchange, where the supply arises primarily from exports and capital inflows, and the demand from the need to import goods and services. Speculation about the country's future balance of payments often enters into the determination of the rate at any moment in time. In most circumstances, the exchange rate also responds to domestic inflation rates, for the following reason an increase in domestic prices, above that of price increases in trading partners, will make a country's exports less competitive and its imports more attractive. Therefore, other factors being equal, it will diminish the future supply of foreign exchange relative to the...

Relations between irrigators and governments

Productive, complementary relations is challenging because local communities and regional and national governments often have conflicting and competing interests in how CPRs should be governed and used. For instance, national governments tend to view CPRs as valuable for producing national revenues, either through granting concessions to multinational corporations to harvest timber, or to encouraging farmers to raise multiple cash crops. Local resource users tend to view CPRs as the foundation for their livelihood and are not as interested in generating foreign exchange, or other revenue generating activities for their national governments or government officials. Young (2002) urges giving greater weight to local interests and greater decision-making authority to local resource users rather than external government officials. Local resource users are more likely to attempt to address their most pressing needs, which are directly related to the productivity of CPRs.

Strategic Planning For Irrigation As Part Of Water Resource Management

A less apparent example is trade and exchange rate policy aimed at promoting exports and earning more foreign exchange. For example, as a result of currency depreciation, exports of high-value, water-consuming crops may increase. If additional policy changes reduce export taxes, farmers are provided with an even greater incentive to invest in export crops as well as in the necessary irrigation. . . .34

Information and Documentation

Although library services have expanded in recent years, the number of journal subscriptions has decreased, due to high cost and foreign-exchange limitations. Even local universities have had to cut down on subscriptions, causing a serious drop in information sources. For biotechnology, it means that new journals have no chance of appearing in local libraries.

Direct and indirect effects of technology on poverty

Second, technological change can help reduce poverty indirectly through the effects which adoption, by both poor and nonpoor farmers, has on the price of food for net buyers, employment and wages in the agricultural sector, as well as in other sectors of economic activity through production, consumption expenditures, and savings linkages with agriculture, lower costs of agricultural raw materials, lower nominal wages for employers (as a consequence of lower food prices), and foreign exchange contributions of agriculture to overall national economic growth.

Background and Purpose

The fisheries of many tropical nations are threatened by their country's international indebtedness, and as a result, the future of fishing communities is in jeopardy. Within the past three or four decades, fisherman have become totally dependent upon imported fuel, engines, boats, and spare parts repair infrastructures, all of which were based upon access to foreign exchange. In many countries this critical hard currency is no longer readily available to fishermen. For example, Guyana, which has extraordinary fishery resources within its territorial waters, is particularly hard hit with a large foreign debt and soft currency. The artisanal fishermen find that fuel is becoming prohibitively expensive and engine spare parts are almost impossible to acquire. Collapse of the system is currently prevented by international aid organizations, such as the Canadian International Development Agency, making new motors available to the fishing cooperatives. This stop-gap measure is not expected...

Farid Waliyar P Lava Kumar Aoua Traor Bonny R Ntare Bamory Diarra and Ondi Kodio

Groundnut or peanut (Arachis hypogea) is an oil seed and food legume crop cultivated on 22 million ha with a production of 48,000,000 t (FAO, 2006). More than 95 of peanut production occurs in the developing countries of Asia and Africa. Some 4-6 of the total global production of peanuts is traded internationally, but most of the crop serves subsistence needs and is marketed domestically, often without entering any formal grain trading channels (Ntare et al., 2005). In many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, peanut production, marketing and trade are sources of employment, income and foreign exchange (Ntare et al, 2005). However, peanuts produced in Sub-Saharan Africa are highly susceptible to attack by the Aspergillus group of soilborne fungi that produce toxic secondary metabolites known as aflatoxins (Payne, 1998).

The Ocean Pickup in Guyana

Most fishing nations started to modernize in the decades between the 1950s and the present. They obtained fast boats and efficient gear, and most of them caught enough more fish to pay for the changeover. Modernization made them dependent upon industrial nations for boats, gear, and fuels. To complicate the story this modernization was based upon international borrowing and national solvency which was removed and independent of the fishing communities. Now many of the tropical countries are becoming broke, to all intents and purposes, due to a lack of foreign exchange. Without hard currencies they are unable to import, and as a result, the service networks as well as the industrial infrastructure of the fisheries are beginning to fall apart-in some cases rapidly. Around the world there are growing numbers of small scale fishermen who now lack the where-with-all to ply their fishing trade. Guyana obtains urgently needed foreign exchange by selling...

The Agricultural Sector And Economic Growth

Government action as a source of ample subsidies for industrial investments through foreign exchange and credit policy permitted the expansion, acceleration and broadening of the industrialization process. Without the governmental establishment of basic industries (steel, petroleum) and without the foreign exchange subsidies and the negative interest rates of government loans, industrialization would not have achieved the speed and the breadth that evolved during that quarter of a century.6 In this approach to development, the role of agriculture was seen as that of a provider of 'surpluses' (of labor, foreign exchange and domestic savings) to fuel industrial development. It was not looked to as a source of income growth in its own right. On the contrary, the implementation of subsidies for industry meant levying a tax, implicit or explicit, on agriculture which was likely to depress its growth prospects. Furtado commented in another context that in Mexico Bruce Johnston and John...

Economic impacts of aflatoxin

Aflatoxin is a major constraint affecting exports and foreign exchange for developing countries including Sub-Saharan Africa. FAO estimates that 25 of the world's food crops are affected by mycotoxins each year (Scholthof, 2004). Income losses due to aflatoxin contamination cost US producers more than US 100 million per year, on average, including US 26 million paid to peanut farmers alone (US 69.34 ha). These losses will be larger and more important for Sub-Saharan Africa due to the favorable environmental conditions for the growth of mycotoxigenic fungi and the lack of adequate storage infrastructure. The economic losses are compounded by lowered productivity, reduced prices, i.e., poor quality discount, reduced feed efficiency, and greater disease incidence as a result of immune system suppression. Many countries have regulations on aflatoxin levels that restrict international trade in food and feeds contaminated with unacceptable levels of aflatoxin contamination (FAO, 2004)....

Exchange rate regimes policies and outcomes

A first point to be noticed is the decline in the number of countries with dual or parallel foreign exchange markets, from about 30-50 of the countries in the 1970s and 1980s to about 10 of all countries (developed and developing) by the 2000s (see Rogoff et al., 2003). This suggests the prevalence of a more orderly macroeconomic framework and less distorted relative prices. Yet for some developing regions, such as

Trade Restrictions

The term 'national trade policy' often includes tariff regimes, but when it is treated separately it refers to, apart from trade agreements, the policy regarding the degree of openness of international trade, i.e. the degree to which controls on imports and exports have been eliminated. These restrictions take various forms, including import quotas, licensing requirements for imports and exports, export bans in some cases, restrictions on the availability of foreign exchange, and sometimes phytosanitary requirements. More subtle forms of controls on imports include requirements for making deposits of foreign exchange in the banking system far in advance of the actual


In general, in several developing countries, mostly but not only within the urbanized group, an important percentage of both deposits and loans in the banking system are denominated in dollars. Although this seemingly takes care of the currency mismatch from the point of view of the banks, that problem is not significantly resolved if debtors have their incomes in domestic currency and would be forced to default in case of a large adjustment in the exchange rate. In turn, banks might not have enough foreign exchange reserves (neither the domestic economic authorities) to finance large withdrawals of foreign currency deposits from economic agents that see the deterioration of the banks' asset side and want out. Also, governments and private sectors that are increasingly indebted abroad and for which their tax receipts and sales, respectively, are denominated in local currency will also be affected by large devaluations. For a government with dollarized public debt, the devaluation...


(6) Agricultural self-sufficiency clearly is not a viable long-run objective. Food security can be attained, however, by ensuring that foreign exchange is not rationed and that well-functioning food distribution channels are in place, including programs of targeted subsidies.

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