As editors, we wish to thank the many colleagues and friends who have collaborated in the production of this book. Obviously our principal gratitude is due to the chapter authors, whose co-operation and dedication to the topics allotted to them has made this book a pleasure to produce. The final product is therefore a team effort. The current addresses of each author are provided in the 'Contributors' section.

Our thanks also go to the many friends and colleagues who provided essential and previously unpublished information for Chapter 17 (see below). Additional aquaculture colleagues and friends assisted us with other chapters ofthe book in many ways. Last but not least, we wish to thank the staff of our publishers, whose co-operation brought all our efforts to fruition.

We record below the people to whom we owe so much and to whom we tender our sincere gratitude. Due to limitations on space, we have omitted the full titles and addresses of those who helped us. If, in error, we have omitted the names of anybody who has contributed, we offer our sincere apologies in advance.

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